Question: How much do my pieces cost and how long do they take to build?

Answer: Well, that's the big question isn't it? Because my works are generally one of a kind pieces, I can no way compete with high volume manufacturing pricing. Thus prices will be higher, but the knowledge that the piece you purchase will be unique and hand crafted should, in theory, outweigh that cost.

So you get an idea of what goes into my lamps, it takes about 8 to 12 hours to build. That's making the box from scratch, cutting the trim pieces, finishing, all of it. and generally it's not done in one sitting. That and this doesn't include sourcing special items that may be desired.

Q: How many people work at Dave's Kraftwerks?

A: It's just me doing my hobby.

Q: How long have you been making things?

A: I've been throwing stuff together and fixing things my whole life. Officially, I have no set date. My first big project was the DragonRail but most others were undocumented so not presentable here.

Q: Will you make me a lamp or something for myself or as a gift for someone?

A: I would be happy to, but keep in mind it depends on my current schedule. This is not my full-time job, it's my hobby, so my family comes first. Albiet there is understanding that your project is important too. Send me an email in the Contact link and lets talk.

Q: Can I be a part of the design process for my idea you are going to build?

A: Idealy when I'm starting a project for someone, it's with the impression that I'll do a majority of the creative aspects of the work. With that said, I do ask for specific interests or desires of the intended receipient. For example their favorite color which might be for LED backlighting or a portion of the build. Stuff like that.

Q: The items on your website, are any of those for sale?

A: Not exactly. These are finished items and are accounted for but I could make you one that looks really close. Each one that I build I try to improve upon it or add something a bit different to make it unique. As for the larger projects like the DragonRail, that really depends.

Q: Can I supply some parts for the build?

A: Probably. What I can do too is if you have a special item of yours, or something that is special to a gift receipient, I could incorporate that into the build. For instance, I could make a special ring holder to present the ring to the recipient. Or a symbolic nick-nack could be the centerpiece. The options are endless. I can help with that during the consultation.

Q: I have something that's broken, can you fix it?

A: Probably. Depends on what it is. If it's to fix your car, no. If it's something you can carry easily and has an electrical related fault, probably. You'd have to ask and see if it would fit my skill set and my schedule. And if it's something I decide to take on, if I can't fix it, there's no charge outside of repair attempt parts/supplies.

Q: How long in the quarantee for something you build?

A: Depends what it is. Generally it's one year for workmanship. If it's a lamp, it's lifetime (less the bulb). That's something that will be discussed during consultation.

Q: will you be adding more info to the FAQ?

A: Yes, as time goes on I'll adjust this FAQ accordingly.