About Dave at Dave's Kraftwerks...

Currently I'm an American living in the beautiful country of Switzerland. I've recently been able to put myself into the position of exploring more of my creative ambitions on a more regular basis.

I've been the creative and type for about as long as I can remember. I can easily recall as a child taking things apart to see how they work. Today I utilize my lifelong curiosity and natural artistic tallent to continuously challenge myself.

I also do repair work to just about anything that needs fixing. Usually electronics related, I can repair just about anything. It's been said in my social groups that if I can't fix it, it can't be fixed. Not a bad prop if I do say so myself. :)

My formal educational background consists of 2 degrees. One in Electronics Engineering and Technology and the other in Automotive Technology. For my normal day job I'm an automotive technician specializing in electrical and electronics. As a tech, I'm constantly employing creative solutions to real-world technical problems. From mechanical to electrical, strong improvisational skills are a must.

Many times I've found myself creating speciality tools to perform special repair tasks when I see fit.

As a hobby I like to create things from scratch and repurpose things into new creative works. I'm always on the lookout for project ideas. Most of my works have been for fun, trying new things and techniques although I have, on several occasions, done commissioned work.

My goals are to continue broadening my horizons, to stay teachable and learn new things. But above all, to have fun during the process!