Ash Holding Memorial

This is a memorial I designed for my fathers' ashes. He was a US Navy man so I repurposed some wood that had wavy features that represented the seas on which he served.

It features 3 shelves. The top holds his burial flag encased in a pre-made cherry flag holder. The middle and lower shelves can hold various memory trinkets.

In the middle section are a couple of military artillery (that have been rendered inactive). the smaller round is affixed permanently to the fixture and holds his favorite ring. The 30mm middle round is repourposed spent shell from an A-10 Thunderbolt that has been modified into a flask. This flask holds a portion of his ashes. The third item being suspended is his USN pocketknife, which is removable.

Behind the aformentioned items is a decorative backound. Navy gray behind the knife with navy blue and gold pinstriping. Behind the flask is a layer of Lanikai beach sand from Hawaii, where is served the greater part of his military career.




Pocketknife closeup mounted.

Pocketknife closeup removed.