Flex Head Light with Head Lamp

I needed a flex head light for working on special jobs at work that provided a very bright output. I had an old flex head light base and neck where the old light head had broken. I also had a strap on head light that had partially broke but still worked as far as the light goes.

I was able to machine a pieve of aluminum to accept the head lamp fixture and mounted it to the flex lamp. It works gread and provides me with the focused light I need.

I also needed a good mounting base for when I work on motors and cleaning the intake ports. I fasioned the base from an old oil filter and in mounts where the oil filter goes. This was a great tool that supliments my doing these jobs.




Machined lamp head

Oil filter base Adapter



Oil adapter mounted

Flex Lamp mounted



Another lamp adapter

Flex Lamp mounted for Cylinder Head cleaning