Timing Belt Broken Holder Tool Remover Set

This tool is used when the Camshaft holder tool (pictured far right with the ball-end) breaks during use.

The OEM holder tool has a mechanical fuse hole on its side (pictured) and a hole that runs the length to it's service end. It is supposed to be a break-away point. If it does break, getting out the broken end is near impossible. The OEM tool shaft is made of hardened steel to drilling it out is impossible, even if there was room to drill it with a Dremel-like device. My tool can, and has, removed the broken end on several occasions.

By injecting a medium viscosity grease/oil into the hole of the broken the, you can then use the pusher tool to induce pressure into the cavity the tool is nomally interted into. This pressure going in will push the broken end out enough to grab it.




The push tool. Brass machined with hardened bit.

Used to clean out the relief hole before grease.